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Green way Ojos Negros – Puerto Sagunto

Green way Ojos Negros – Puerto Sagunto

110 years ago two Basque industrialists inaugurated a new ralway line destined to exploit an iron deposit located in the municipality of Ojos Negros, on the border between Teruel and Guadalajara. The Sierra Menera miming train was born  in 1907 to transport minerals to the young Puerto Sagunto (Valencia). It was also used for the export of agricultural products such as oranges and carob beans. However, his life was short: the last convoy landed on the Mediterranean coast in  en 1972.

The route of the Greenway of Ojos Negros follows almost in parallel the current Renfe connection between Teruel and Valencia. This makes it flexible to choose where to start and finish and the kilometers to be travelled. To made it “whole”, the farthest one can be transported by train is to Santa  Eulalia del Campo. If you want to visit the Ojos Negros iron mines,  from where the nostalgic  railway started, you would have to travel 30 more kilometers and another 30 back.

If it is done from the interior towards the coast it is almost all downhill, so it is suitable for bike lovers of all levels. On this long journey we will be accompanied by the current train tracks, the old mining train stations converted into recreational areas and fields that evolve over the kilometers.

Also bridges and tunnels of the old route and vestiges of the Civil War (trences, bunkers, shelters…) encourage pedaling.

The greenway from Ojos Negros to Puerto de Sagunto is the longest in Spain with 160 km and is divided into 8 stages. The stages that the Teruel Community Region go through are the following:

  • Stage 1: Ojos Negros –Santa Eulalia
  • Stage 2 : Santa Eulalia – Teruel

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