Inicio 5 Un paseo de cuento – Villarquemado

Un paseo de cuento – Villarquemado


There is a magical place where the characters of the traditional stories coexist, those whose plot has been transmitted generation after generation, from parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren…

That place is in Villarquemado, 25 kilometers from Teruel, specifically in the Park “A fairytale walk”, in which children, and not so small, can enjoy a pleasant tour through a path that simulates the yellow tiles of the Wizard of Oz, and in which you will discover the spaces and characters of the most known stories.

In the park you will find the little houses of the three little pigs, you will even see one of them greeting you from the balcony of his home. You can enter their houses and discover how they are decorated. But beware! The wolf lurks behind one of the trees, watching the scene and preparing his attack.

 If you continue along the path you will find the tooth fairy, famous among the little ones for being in charge of picking the teeth that fall out of the children, after depositing them under their pillows.

After passing the tunnel of Alice’s roses, you will reach a very special tree inhabited by fairies. In its branches you will find the peculiar houses of these magical beings, joined by some wooden bridges and other elements that are sure to catch your attention. Spend time contemplating this space, observe it carefully and delight yourself with all its small details.

Continue the path and you can cross the bridge with the small wetland where the ugly duckling lives. In this space, dominated by a mill and a ferris wheel, you can stop to listen to the sound of the water, both captivating and relaxing.

There are still several spaces to discover, among them the chocolate house of the tale of Hansel and Gretel, made with irresistible sweets and with a cookie roof. At its entrance awaits you the wicked witch, ready to cook the children in her cauldron. Dare to enter his house and discover how it is inside and if you have as many exquisite sweets as outside.

Near this delicious house you will find a space for the exchange of stories, built with pillars that simulate stacks of children’s books and a roof that is an open book. The aim of this place is to encourage reading among the little ones, and that is why we welcome a wooden owl, symbol of the wisdom that brings the reading practice.

Next to this space you can enjoy a giant chess in which you can play with large pieces, which will make you feel as small as a forest dwarf.

 In addition, the park has a stage space and stands, ideal for activities with children, such as storytelling, concerts or theatre performances.

The last additions to this fantastic park are the boat of Peter Pan, the house of Gepetto with the carpenter’s workshop in which he made Pinocchio, and a labyrinth in whose center stands a magical tower crowned by a large witch’s hat as a roof.

The park has been made thanks to the work, dedication and imagination of the students of two experiential programs of the City of Villarquemado and INAEM. The idea is to continue growing, and soon new spaces and their characters will be incorporated, to delight its visitors, especially family tourism.

Don’t know him yet?

Don’t wait to visit him. You’ll find him open every Sunday from 11 to 1. The ticket has a symbolic price of two euros adults and one euro children over 3 years. Minors of this age enter free of charge, as well as those registered in the municipality.