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Sendero del Barranco de la Hoz: Aguatón

Sendero del Barranco de la Hoz: Aguatón

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This route runs along the Barranco de la Hoz ravine, with a total difference in altitude of -70m (110 md+ / 180 md-) and a distance of 2.2 km outward and 2.2 km return. It can be started either from the town of Aguatón itself or from the junction of the TE-V-1002 road with the path, and is two-directional. If we start from this municipality at the entrance to the village we find a very well equipped leisure area, with a fountain not connected to the potable water system, children’s play area, picnic area with barbecue, ect. This route is signposted but not certified. It takes approximately one hour one way, as it has good information panels on flora, fauna, geology and customs to which it is advisable to devote a little attention, and around 35-40 minutes on the way back. The route is of low difficulty, which, together with the informative panels, makes it ideal for a walk with children. It is perfectly cyclable and can be done on horseback, having to dismount only on a small, firm wooden overhang.