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Ruta de Amanaderos

Ruta de Amanaderos

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Circular, bi-directional footpath, to be done on foot. It is 13.9 km long, with a positive difference in altitude of 487 m. It is of medium-high difficulty, due to the difference in altitude and some dangerous sections. It partially coincides with the GR-8. The first 8 km run along a forest track, known as Camino de los Arcos, with a high difference in altitude, so it is not very attractive to walk it on foot. It would be advisable to organise two vehicles, leaving one at the end of the path and arriving with the other at the start of the Amanaderos ravine. The section of the Amanaderos Ravine, of great scenic beauty, is equipped with stairs and handrails from which to contemplate the waterfalls. Other options are to get to Amanaderos with the car and do a circular route, taking advantage of the GR-8 paths. A second option would be to make both the ascent to Amanaderos and the descent via the Molino de Montereta. The access to the mill is by the farming track that leaves the village at the lower part of the Ermita. On the road next to the information panel “Walking between Amanaderos and Riodeva” there is a sign indicating CIREA (Interpretation Centre of the River Eva and Los Amanaderos).