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Sendero del Barranco Cardoso (Almohaja)

Sendero del Barranco Cardoso (Almohaja)

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Local footpath in the municipality of Almohaja, easy to access, which runs along the first and last part of the same path with a loop in the central part which offers the hiker the possibility of walking along the Rambla de Almohaja and seeing the cave paintings of the Peña Escrita. The trail also goes close to the Peruano and the castle of Los Ares. The local footpath shares a large part of the route with the PR-TE 4, a small route of about 39 kilometres in length that runs between Ródenas – Peracense – Almohaja – Pozondón – Monterde de Albarracín – Torres de Albarracín. Our section will be part of the Almohaja – Pozondón. The path leaves Almohaja heading south on a local road, crossing the old mining railway of Ojos Negros – Sagunto, and further on, at the beginning of a steep climb after a bridge, we will reach the loop where the hiker can decide which part to do first. On the right, we head towards the Rambla de Almohaja and on the left, we will go up the path along which the PR-TE 4 runs until we pass the castle of Los Ares, where we take a detour to the right to reach the Peña Escrita. It offers us the possibility of walking through the Rodeno forest in the Almohaja stream.