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Tejería de Tormón

How to get there: La Tejería de Tormón is located in the south-western part of the municipality, on the road from Tormón to Alobras, on the left-hand side of the road, at a distance of about 2 km from the municipality.

The complex is made up of four well-defined parts, both from a functional point of view and from a structural and constructive point of view:

Kiln: this is a double-chambered furnace with a vertical draught, located on a slope, which means that both chambers are semi-subterranean. It is a mixed masonry and brick structure. The following parts of the kiln can be distinguished:

Fire or combustion chamber,


Firing chamber,

Roof, and

Front space of the kiln.

Store: next to the kiln, built with masonry and a single-slope roof. It should be noted that this building originally had two openings: the main door and the secondary door, the latter of which opened at the back of the building. This building had a certain multi-purpose character, as it must have housed the tiles once they were taken out of the mould and before being fired, part of the loads of fuel collected before the firing process and, possibly, the fired tiles themselves until they were finally taken to the village. It may also have served as possible accommodation for the roof tile makers.

It was: an esplanade next to the warehouse building. This is where the clay was crushed before the clay was kneaded.

Pond and fountain: currently not visible.

Testares: defective tiles were thrown into them.   

This tile factory has recently been restored, so the part that remains is in perfect condition.       

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