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Santuario Celta de Peñalba. Villastar

The Peñalba de Villastar complex is made up of almost three kilometres of light limestone quarry.

It was discovered by Cabré and published in 1910, this publication contains the best description of the site.

In the quarry, we can find small bowls, geometric engravings, human and animal figures, isolated or forming authentic scenes, and a considerable number of inscriptions, not only Celtiberian in the Latin alphabet but also Iberian and various Latin inscriptions from different periods.

Cabré considered it to be a frontier sanctuary where people of different ethnic groups lived together.

The Celtiberian epigraphy of the site is broken down into twenty epigraphs, some of which can be divided into more than one inscription.

The major inscription from Peñalba is undoubtedly one of the most important texts in the pre-Roman Hispanic world

Most of the inscriptions have been taken to Barcelona.

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