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Portales del Castillo de Villel

After the construction of the castle by the Knights Templar, the old village of Villel was built at its foot.

The old inhabitants of the municipality only had access to it through the three gates that guarded it, so that when the town felt threatened by the Muslim troops, the three gates were closed: the Teruel gate, which is reached from the capital by following the course of the river Turia, the West gate, located in the Concejo neighbourhood, and the South gate, located in Calle de la Iglesia.

Over the years, when the castle ceased to have an owner, only the most humble families remained in the immediate vicinity, small artisans who produced espadrilles that were later sold in Teruel to buy a little flour to feed themselves.

We recommend you to visit the castle located in this municipality, more information at Castillo de Villel.

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