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El Castillo de Alba


Alba Castle was one of the main forts that protected and guarded the Roman road.

The town of Alba is another example of the characteristic coexistence of cultures in the region of Teruel, since from the beginning of time there have been settlements from the prehistoric culture to the Arab culture, of which the structure of the castle remains, as well as the Iberian, Roman and Christian cultures.

It was in the Medieval period when the castle enjoyed greater importance and James I The Conqueror himself, dictated some rules to maintain a better conservation. In 1308, James II appointed Martín Garcés de Galvanes as mayor of the castle, as his father Juan Martín had already been.

In 1357, Mosén Blasco Fernández de Heredia and Domingo Pérez de Uncastillo informed Queen Doña Leonor, wife of Pedro IV, that the fortress was in a poor state of repair, so the queen ordered the cistern and moats to be repaired, as she feared a war with Castile.

Alba Castle is practically the only remaining castle on the Jiloca plateau. It consists of a rectangular enclosure measuring 30 by 20 metres, with battlements with pointed tops on its walls. It is defended by a 500-metre-long moat cut into the rock. In one of the corners is the only surviving tower, a slender, square-based tower about five metres long. The foundations of three other square towers can still be seen in one of the collapsed parts of the wall.

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