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Castillo de Cedrillas

On the top of a hill, it dominates the village on all four sides. A walled castle where, in medieval times, the village was located.


The walls are made of uneven stones, reinforced at the edges with ashlars. At the entrance there is a tower-door that was covered with an octagonal vault, which has now fallen down.


The first evidence of occupation of the site dates back to the Ibero-Roman period, with materials dating from the 3rd century BC to the 2nd century AD, and it was reoccupied in the Islamic period. The area was ephemerally conquered by Alfonso II, becoming dependent on Teruel and its Community. In those years, a Castilian invasion was repulsed in the “battle of the slaughter of the Monteagudo field” (1191). Almost three centuries later, it was once again the scene of wars with Castile, serving as a refuge for the livestock of the Community of Teruel. In 1462 it was burnt down by the Castilian troops of Juan de Silva. In 1874, this walled enclosure was one of the refuges of the Carlist parties that had failed in their attempt to conquer Teruel. As a curiosity, it is said that King James I was in Cedrillas in 1236, as recorded in a document found in the archives of Valencia.

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