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Castillo de Camarillas


The eastern hill is the original nucleus of the municipality, where the remains of the castle, a medieval aqueduct and the church can be found. Calle del Olmo connects the two hills and is the best part of the town.

The town is dominated by the castle, which dates from the 13th-14th century: XIII – XIV. It consists of an enclosure whose wall, made of small stones, has three semi-cylindrical cubes and a round tower. This castle must have been an enclosure-refuge built in the 14th century during the wars of the two Peters. During the Carlist Wars, a redoubt was added to the complex at the foot of the hill, formed by two corner-shaped walls with loopholes typical of the 19th century.

At the base of the castle is the primitive church. Only the Renaissance doorway remains, although in perfect condition, which, according to the inscription on it, was made by Roque Cejado in 1550.

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