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Casa Forestal. Tormón

How to get there: The old Tormón Forest House is located in the northern part of the municipality, next to the crossing of two ravines that descend from the Tejoneras. It is accessed by the road that connects Tormón with Teruel, about 4.6 km from Tormón there is a track to the left of the road, next to the Prado fountain.


It has no specific protection status.

The Tormón forester’s house dates from the 1930s. It was built at the end of a process of profound transformation of forestry exploitation strategies, which began in the mid-19th century. Legal measures, a crisis of the predominant uses at the end of the Modern Age and the rise of other productive activities converged in this change.

The Tormón Forest House is made up of three adjoining buildings. The main building is the oldest and occupies the central position. It is a three-storey building with a split-roofed gable roof. The most characteristic feature of this building is the integration, possibly somewhat forced, of cement-embedded stone walls and brick corners, jambs, arches and bands. Other notable features are the marked symmetry in the composition articulated by a perpendicular axis that descends from the ridge of the building; a volumetric play with re-entrant cubic spaces in the central part of the ground and first floors which, when integrated with the roof, give the façade the appearance of a large doorway; and the combination of straight and curved lines, the former to highlight the structural elements and the latter to crown the openings.

Another aspect to highlight is its location, in a beautiful spot in the heart of the protected landscape of odeno, next to a fountain and a popular picnic area, with tables, covered fireplaces, shelter and parking. Very close to the Forest House there is an important group of shelters with cave paintings and some viewpoints from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the landscape of the oak forest.

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