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Torre Mudejar de la Iglesia de San Bartolomé. Peralejos


In the Church of San Bartolomé, a good part of the artistic trends characteristic of 16th century architecture in Teruel converge, with extensions during the 17th century in Teruel. On the one hand, the Gothic tradition survives, both in the starred rib vault roofs and in the layout of the floor plan, with a single nave and chapels between the buttresses. However, this is combined with novel elements, such as the use of barrel vaults with lunettes in the side chapels, the conch-shaped shell of the apse and the interconnected chapels. The exterior solution of the chevet is original, which reveals the semicircular shape of the apse but cuts into a flat front. To this must be added the Mudejar contribution of the tower.

At the foot, on the epistle side, above two square bodies of ashlar stone, there is an octagonal brick body decorated with tiles.

This body, the last echo of the late Mudéjar series in Teruel, develops an ornamentation in which, together with motifs from the Islamic tradition, with cloths of hexagons or chain ribbons, new ones of mannerist roots appear that emphasise the Christian theme of the cross and relate it to the tower of Navarrete del Río, as both were probably built at the beginning of the 17th century.