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Iglesia de la Asunción de la Virgen. Cubla

Declared Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) by resolution of February 2, 2001 (BOA 5/3/2001).

The church of the Assumption in Cubla is located in the center of the town, very close to the main square, in an irregularly shaped square with a medieval layout presided over by the church. The church of the Assumption stands out from the other churches because it introduced Mannerist style elements on the façade and in the altar area and decorative elements of the Mudejar tradition.

This building is a Gothic-Renaissance construction, built of masonry and ashlar. It is a temple with a rectangular floor plan, a polygonal head and a single nave with attached chapels between the buttresses. This type of temples evolve from the Aragonese Gothic model towards a more unitary conception of space, being characterized by presenting a sober image with little decoration both inside and outside.

The nave of the Church of the Assumption consists of four sections covered with starry cross vaults of complex design, and has a high choir at the foot. The side chapels open in a semicircular arch and are covered with star-shaped ribbed vaults. The head is also covered with a star-shaped ribbed vault, and has a chapel in the axis and two side rooms, leaving the polygonal volume wrapped on the outside, by a straight one of lower height. The axial chapel is covered with a barrel vault decorated with coffered ceilings with rosettes, as is the intrados of the access arch that was blocked off when the main altarpiece was placed, with the entrance currently being made from the room on the right side. The decoration is very sober, with plastered and painted surfaces on which the diamond-tipped decoration of the transoms and two molded cornices stand out, one at the height of the chapels and the other at the height of the beginning of the vaults of the nave.

On the outside, the sobriety of the walls stands out, crowned by a sawtooth brick eave on cantilevered corbels. The doorway, under a sheltered arch covered with starry crosswork, opens in a semicircular arch with intrados and jambs decorated with diamond points and flanked by fluted columns with Corinthian capitals, supporting an entablature decorated with faces and plant motifs on which three niches crowned by a pediment are arranged. The tower has a square plan and has four bodies separated by molded stone cornices; The last two open openings in a semicircular arch, the upper one, octagonal and brick, being decorated with tiles.

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