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Ermita de Santa Quiteria. Argente

It is one of the oldest churches in the province and represents an extraordinary testimony to the medieval religious architecture of the area, given that it has been preserved without significant modifications. This hermitage can be classified as one of the so-called repopulation churches.  The hermitage of Santa Quiteria is a mixture of late Romanesque building styles with elements of the new Gothic tendency, seasoned by the Mudejar ways of doing things, both pictorially and in the use of brick.


It consists of a single nave with four bays and a semicircular, slightly pointed apse. Its masonry is of masonry in the last two sections of the nave and of ashlar in the first section and in the chancel, where there are also narrow brick strips and pilasters. On the southern side there is a simple brick doorway with a semicircular arch that leads to a completely plastered interior, which shows some remains of mural painting from the Gothic period on the walls of the first section.

The hermitage has a remarkable wooden ceiling that covers the entire church. It is a gabled roof over diaphragm arches, made of wood and decorated with geometric, heraldic and figurative motifs from the Gothic period, mainly in white, red and black.

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