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Museo Paleontológico de Galve

Discover the inhabitants of Galve in the past, its paleontological and geological history, and how they have come to us through this informative and educational exhibition, in which you will meet the discoverers and researchers of these species, in addition to learning about how they have come to us and have been preserved so that we can study and enjoy them today, knowing a little better how life was in the past.

The museum houses original fossils of several different species of animals, which lived between 155 and 120 million years ago, some of them first described in Galve:

Among the sauropods Aragosaurus isquiaticus stands out for being the first dinosaur described in Spain, in addition to Galvesaurus herreroi, the dinosaur dedicated to the town.

The theropods are represented by Camarillasaurus cirugedae, a new addition to the museum arrived from Camarillas, as well as by one of the largest carnivorous dinosaur teeth in the Iberian Peninsula.

But not all are dinosaurs, many mammal remains have also appeared, identifying unique species in the world, among which we have the first mesozoic mammal described in Spain, Loxaulax herreroi.

Inside the reptiles we find remains of crocodiles, among them an interesting skull of Bernissartia, a fossil of pterosaur (winged reptile), as well as Galvechelone lopezmartinezae, a turtle unique in the world. Also remains of amphibians, highlighting the salamándrido Galverpeton ibericum.

Finally, different remains of fish and sharks such as the hybodontide Lonchidion microselachos, in addition to numerous fossils of invertebrates, egg shells (of which two of species have also been described) and other direct and indirect fossils.

Galve Museum

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