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Museo Paleontológico de Galve


It was opened in 1993 thanks to the initiative of José María Herrero, a local resident, who collected and identified numerous dinosaur fossils over many years. After studying the remains found, unique species such as Aragosaurus ischiaticus were catalogued.

The museum houses palaeontological collections from the Upper Cretaceous found in Galve and is supported by a guided tour and panels explaining the nature and history of the fossil remains.


You can see original remains of running dinosaurs known as the gazelles of the Cretaceous (Hypsilophodon); vertebrae, claws and teeth of Carnosaurus, including the largest carnosaur tooth found in Spain; a spike of Stegosaurus; a spine of Ankylosaurus; a large part of the skeleton of Aragosaurus ischiaticus and the skeleton of Galvesaurus herreroi; remains of Iguanodon. In the museum you can also see remains of crocodiles, turtles, fish, sharks and tiny mammals.

Museum of Galve

Rambla de San Joaquín, nº2, ground floor
Telephone: 669340021 / 978 77 60 47

Book your visit in low season or if you are going to visit us in group.

More information at www.dinosauriosgalve.com

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