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Pinares del rodeno. Tormón

The landscape of the rodeno is a protected area that has a great landscape value, as it is very characteristic and peculiar due to the rock formations that compose it.

The Pinuspinaster (Pinuspinaster) is a species that has become very important due to its economic value as it has a high quality wood.

The PinusPinaster pine forests are resistant to heavy frosts due to their markedly continental nature. It is found mixed with species such as Pyrenean oak or holm oak, with various acidophilous species such as lavender and thyme, among others, and with various herbaceous species.

In a large part of the oak pines in this municipality, you can see the faces of resination, as this practice was a form of exploitation of these pine forests between the 50s and 70s.

The areas where pine trees can be found constitute one of the ecosystems with the greatest richness and abundance of fungi, especially species such as the common oak and the “borrachos”.

This landscape is mainly characterized by three aspects:

Spectacular sandstone and conglomerate formations,

Significant extensions of rodeno pine.

Manifestations of Levantine rock art.

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