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Paraje del Pinar. Monteagudo

This is a pine forest, the main element of which is the Scots pine. The morphological characteristics of this species of pine mean that the place where it is found is of great scenic value, as it is a pine that reaches a tall height (up to 40 m), and is characterized by the fact that its bark peels off at the top of the trunk in thin reddish layers. Other shrub species grow alongside the pine, such as gorse and aromatic herbs.


This peak is located at an altitude of 1,500 m. It is particularly interesting because from here you can see the different environmental units of the municipality, a landscape of crop fields, pastures, pine forests and the town centre. Furthermore, from here you can see seven villages: Gúdar, Allepuz, Aguilar, Ababuj, El Pobo, Cedrillas and Monteagudo. It is thought that there may have been a hermitage here.


In addition to its scenic and natural interest, it is also interesting from a recreational point of view, as there is a picnic area equipped with tables, chairs and fire pits.