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Estrechos del Ebrón. El Cuervo – Tormón

This route starts at “Los Chorros” and continues towards the “río de allá arriba”, specifically to the “Pozo de la Olla”, where the first information point and a picnic area are located.

Up to this point you can do the route by car, motorbike or bicycle, but from this point to the end, only on foot. Then you come to “Pozo de la Olla” and from there you start the ascent to the mountain along the marked path, a route with excellent views, wells where bathing is allowed, caves, etc. Then you reach the first strait, where there is a bridge built over the water that allows you to cross this strait without difficulty.

Once you have passed this strait, a path begins that leads to Tormón, where the route ends. This is the old path that used to connect the two villages many years ago and was used by donkeys or mules. You can follow the path, but to really get in touch with nature you can follow the route along the riverbed, although this increases the time taken to 5-6hours.

After an hour you reach the “Fonseca”, near Tormón. On the path there are some indicators that make you leave the path and turn off a little to go down to see this narrow widening of the river. At first sight the river narrows a lot, as if it were disappearing, but after the narrowing it widens between the mountains, where there is a karstic bridge that joins the two sides of the river. You can climb up the natural bridge by means of stairs carved in the stone and cross from one side of the ountain to the other.

After the ascent to the “Fonseca” you return to the previous path, where there is another information point and a beautiful panoramic view.

Continuing along the path towards Tormón, you can visit the old mill, enter the riverbed and following the river upstream, you reach one of the waterfalls in the area, “el Calicanto”, thus ending the route.

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