Santo Domingo

How to get there: go north towards Palomera.
Infrastructure: hut with barbecues, the hermitage is next to it and there are benches and portable tables. There is also spring water.

Santa Bárbara

How to get there: 2 km, going north
Infrastructure: In the carrascal mountain, near the hermitage. It is enclosed with glass doors and inside there are tables, a fireplace, etc. Capacity for about 40 people.

San Roque

How to get there: 500 m. going out to Teruel.
Infrastructure: Barbecues, trees and water.

Merendero nuevo

How to get there: Celadas – Cella road, towards the mountain. The picnic area can be seen from the road.
Infrastructures: It is the biggest of all, with tables, benches, trees, etc.