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Los Amanaderos de Riodeva


One of the most outstanding places in the municipality, due to its landscape quality, is the Barranco de los Amanaderos, located about 6 kilometers from the urban center along a forest track. The area is known as the Amanaderos de Riodeva, because the river Eva flows from this place. This river descends vertiginously by all the ravine of the Amanaderos, until its term in the Montereta mill; a total route of 10 kilometers, which presents a longitudinal profile with a steep slope, since, in just 5.5 kilometers, a difference in altitude of 500 meters is reached. As a consequence of this unevenness, spectacular waterfalls and waterfalls originate, among which, for its beauty and easy accessibility, the one known as “El Salto de la Yegua” stands out, with a 22-meter drop, and which is at the beginning of the ravine.

This jump is followed by other falls, in total there are 13 waterfalls, some of them are listed below:

-the waterfall of the nymphs, 24 meters

-Leggings jump, 9 meters

-The fall of San Lorenzo or Virgen Blanca, 48 meters

-The jump of the Carlists

-The Pedro Pérez jump, 20 meters

-The Montereta waterfall, 10 meters

In addition to these waterfalls, there are also caves along the route, such as the “Sebastián Cave”.

The landscape offered by the waterfalls of the river Deva, is enhanced by a rich and varied vegetation, dominated by a dense pine forest of Rodeo pine in the highest part of the river’s route, which disappears downstream, and gives way to a Mediterranean scrub in which elements such as thyme, rosemary and flax stand out.

This place is listed as a Point of Geological Interest, due to its geomorphology.

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