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Barranco de Juan Sastre. Villel

Among the mountains, surrounded by thick vegetation, is the Juan Sastre ravine, an area with climbing possibilities for specialized people.

The accessibility to the ravine is simple and even interesting and a challenge for inexperienced people, but as one goes deeper into it, a series of changes in the vegetation are appreciated, gorse, rosemary and other plants that until now had accompanied us and Mosses appear, vines that hang down from the top of the ravine to our reach and other varieties that are only found in this place.

Along with the change in vegetation there is a considerable landscape change, the rocks are closing more and more in their wake, the temperature drops a little, all this, produces the sensation in the visitor of having traveled in time to another era and discover almost virgin places. 

The oldest inhabitants of the municipality say that this ravine served as a refuge in the Civil War for the Republican troops, and later as accommodation for the maquis, their situation was comfortable due to its proximity to the municipality, allowing them to go down at night in search of food and remain sheltered during the day, thus complicating their location for the National troops.

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