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Barranco de El Tranco. Villel

Leaving the municipality, about three kilometers from the town center, we reach the vicinity of El Tranco, a natural landscape of great beauty, formed both by the Chartera spring, which is at the beginning of the ravine, and by the ravine itself. It is a narrow, dry gorge, some 50 meters high, where eagles and vultures fly overhead. It is a terrain of small limestone stones, on the outside, as we go further in, there are two large rocky mountains between 10 and 20 meters high, covered by a wide variety of vegetation, which differs from what can be seen at the back. At the beginning of the path through the ravine, the thermal sensation varies as the temperature drops and the humidity rises, with a large number of plants hanging from the top to the bottom of the rocks. The appearance of the rocks is very smooth, due to the erosion that has taken place over the years. After a few minutes walking along the marked path between the two parts of the mountain, we come to the end of the ravine, a large rock where the two walls between which we have advanced meet. This area is accessible to all kinds of people, including children and adults, but the final part has been used by climbing experts for this purpose. It has recently been fitted out with stairs, so that the unevenness is overcome and we can enjoy the incredible scenery.

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