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Pino Ramudo. Alobras

It is one of the most emblematic monumental trees in the province of Teruel, not only for its size – 14 metres high and 1.48 metres in diameter – but also for its ability to overcome vicissitudes. The wide hollow trunk of this black pine was formed by the extraction of firewood, which was used to make torches before electric lights were installed. On the other hand, its large branches were used by shepherds for shelter and this use gave rise to a fire, several decades ago, which burnt the interior of the tree. The traces of the fire are still visible and contrast with the good state of conservation of the Ramudo pine tree. The large branches that give it its name indicate that it had no competition from other pines around it, as in that case the lower branches would have weakened and dried out, as is usual for this species.

The Cretaceous materials preside over the 150-metre walk from the track to the Ramudo pine. The path runs through a forest in which maritime pines coexist with holm oaks, oaks, junipers and junipers, among which there are some large specimens.

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