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The Museum of Dance, the Raft and the Lagoon.


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Municipality in the Altiplano which, like almost all its neighbouring villages, bases its economy on cereals.

Inhabitants: 133
Altitude: 1.185 m
Demonym: Visiedano/a.
Website: www.visiedo.es

How to get there?

It is 49 kilometres from Teruel on the N-420, turning off at Perales del Alfambra on the A-1509. See map 


Visiedo is known for the beauty of its steppe, unique in Europe, which it is trying to recover.

From the Hermitage of Santa Barbara you can enjoy a panoramic view of Visiedo.

Camping area on the road to Lidón.


Route of the Peirones.

Majadicas Way, crossing the well until reaching Cabeza Gorda.

Route of the Hermitages: Camañas – Visiedo (PR – TE 50)






Church of San Pedro Apóstol. It was rebuilt in 1954 after the destruction of the previous one in the Civil War. It is notable for the wooden figures of San Abdón and San Senén and the relic (an arm) of Father Sellerés.

Visiedo Castle. This is one of the most representative castle-shelters in the province, built in the second half of the 14th century.

Hermitage of El Carmen, 18th century.

Santa Bárbara Chapel.


Humilladero (which has lost its cross) is square in shape and has four octagonal columns.

Museum of the Dance de Visiedo. To visit it call the Town Hall 978 779 001.


17th January, San Antón. Bonfires are lit and the villagers dine in the street.

On 29th June, the patron saint fiestas are held in honour of San Pedro and San Pablo with a mass and a procession through the streets of the village.

Dance of Visiedo.  It is performed every three or four years on the last Sunday in August. Its purpose was to protect the crops. A ceremony of religious origin in which thirteen characters take part in a dialogue, reciting sayings and dancing to the rhythm of the dulzaina and drum to ask the saints San Abdón and San Senén for a good harvest.

15th of May. San Isidro.