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Veguillas de la Sierra


The Three Kingdoms Cross hiking trail.

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One of the curiosities of Veguillas de la Sierra is that this is the point where the three kingdoms bordered: Valencia, Aragon and Castile. When the three kings organised their meetings, each one ate in his own kingdom, without setting a foot in the other.

Inhabitants: 19
Altitude: 1.270 m.
Demonym: Veguillanos

How to get there?

Veguillas de la Sierra is located 46 kilometres from Teruel, in the direction of San Blas, on the local road A-1513, take the turning towards Rubiales on the VF-TE-13. See map


The Steppe.

Sabinas de Blas in the area of El Saz, las Royas  and Fuente del Collado.


Fuente Vieja, a natural source of underground water.

El Saz Fountain.

El Esperón spring.

El puntal de Marco, from where wonderful views can be reached.


Hiking trails to go to the Cruz de los Tres Reinos

PR – TE 5 – Tormón – El Cuervo – Alobras – Veguillas de la Sierra


Church of La Santísima Trinidad, 18th century. It has three aisles, the central one covered with a half-barrel vault with lunettes, and the lateral ones with groin vaults. It is decorated with Baroque stuccoes and neoclassical paintings on the arches and pillars, executed in the 19th century. The square tower hardly stands out from the volume of the church.

Hermitage of San Marcos, 18th century. A masonry construction with a nave and a gabled roof. The main chapel is covered by a dome on pendentives. It is located next to the cemetery.

Cisterns (“Aljibes”), remains of cisterns.

Covered washhouse, made of masonry and a one-slope roof.

The Cross of the 3 kingdoms: Castilla-Salvacañete, Valencia-Ademuz y Aragón-Veguillas de la Sierra.


San Isidro, 15th May. A popular meal is held.

Festivals in honour of Santa Waldesca, San Roque and the Holy Trinity on 22, 23 and 24 August.

Legends: It is said that when the kings of the three kingdoms met, each one ate in his own kingdom, without setting a foot in the other’s. There is a monolith to commemorate this. There is a monolith to commemorate this.