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Cuevas Labradas


The area around the Ermita de la Virgen de Cilleruelos, the nevero and the Barranco del Chorrillo ravine.


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Cuevas Labradas is a small village near the capital of Teruel and is very popular with cycling enthusiasts.

Inhabitants: 137
Altitude: 968 m
Demonym: Labradino/a
Website: www.cuevas labradas.es


How to get there?

14 km from Teruel on the national road 420, next to the river Alfambra. See Map


Vega del Alfambra.

Sites in the foothills of the Sierra de El Pobo, such as the El Chorrillo gorge

La Algecera cave.

Cafe of El Moro.

Routes “Entre Sierras”:

Route of the Alfambra River. This route follows the course of the river from its confluence with the Guadalaviar to the point where it enters the valley of the same name. It crosses a populated area that lives from agriculture and is closely linked to the river. It reaches Cuevas Labradas from Villalba Baja and continues towards Peralejos.

Tourist cycle route Vía Verde de Valfambra (Teruel-Alhambra).

Path of the Barranco del Chorrillo ravine 



Church of San Juan Evangelista, from the 18th century. It is divided into three naves covered with a barrel vault with lunettes. The doorway is sheltered under an arch. The tower, divided into three sections, has a square floor plan in the lower section and an octagonal one in the upper section.

Hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen, Mannerist Baroque style, from the 18th century.

Hermitage of the Virgen de Cilleruelos, 15th century. It has a great traditional value due to its link to the order of the monastery of Piedra, as the monks of this monastery used to make pilgrimages in pairs to Cilleruelos. The nave is divided into three sections with diaphragm arches which are in turn divided into three arches.


Ice Caves.  

Civil War trenches in La Losilla. 

Popular stone cross, 20th century.



Legends: On the way up to the hermitage of Cilleruelos a stone must be thrown in memory of a shepherdess who found a viper and picked it up thinking it was a stick; the viper bit her and killed her.

17th January, San Antón.

The joys of the Virgin, on San Blas and in May. The joys of the Virgin are sung on the first Sunday in May and for San Blas.

24 and 25 June, San Juan and Santa Bárbara.

From 8 to 15 September in honour of the Virgin of Cirelluelos.


Pion Soup. Typical lunch at harvest time, consisting of bread, eggs and fried ham.

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Copyright © 2021 · Comarca Comunidad de Teruel