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Vía Ferrata  Peña Grajera (Libros)
Vía Ferrata Sierra Palomera
Vía Ferrata Peña del Cid – Libros

Enjoy this sport in the community region of Teruel. It is a very fun and different activity.

A via Ferrata is a mountain route that follows a vertical or horizontal progression itinerary and that is equipped with different artificial elements such as staples, pegs, suspension bridges, chains or zip lines, which help to progress and allow us to reach areas of difficult access to mountaineers not used to climbing.

To carry out this activity safely, we must use specific technical equipment: helmet, harness, anchor- line and energy dissipater. This heatsink has specific carabineer hooks, which are connected to a steel cable that is anchored along the entire track and which ensures whoever travels it in the event of a fall.

Like the practice of any sporting activity, it requires adequate physical form.

Most of the ViasFerratas are developed at a considerable height, so it is not recommended for people who suffer from true vertigo.

We will find different scales that determine the complexity of this type of route. We use what we think is the most popular: the Hüsler scale. This measurement system establishes a series that goes from K1, the simplest level,  to K6, the most extreme level. The value that determines the classification of each Via Ferrata is established by 5 factors: strength, resistance, equipment, type of terrain and psychological factor.