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Performing Art Festival Gaire. Pancrudo

Performing Art Festival. Gaire


Gaire is a must for the third weekend of September, to be able to enjoy a very complete cultural day that goes from theater to dance, music, storytelling, puppets…

The Pancrudo performing Arts Festival has been called; Gaire because in Pancrudo and in some localities in the area, “doing the gaire” is to be a little theatrical, farandulero.

In the town of Pancrudo, there has always been a link with the theater. This, together with the desire to carry out an activity that energized the town, led to the idea of creating a weekend of coexistence, among the inhabitants of Pancrudo, visitors from other places, and artists from all over the world.

In Gaire we will meet amateurs, spontaneous, professionals, local people from nearby towns.


It has established itself as one of the main cultural proposals in the province of Teruel, due to the presence of theatrical groups of recognized prestige in the world of performing arts, such as Niño Co0strini, The Flaying Tiritas, Gato Negro, Mallacán or Humortal.

Always find a place for emotion, laughter and surprise, yoy have to go prepared to dance, clap your hands and eyes ready to retain everything that can excite anyone.

More information: http://www.gaire.es