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Serretilla Trenches – Mascarón. Argente

Serretilla Trenches


On February 5, 1938, General Yagüe’s Moroccan Army Corps broke the front in Portalrubio, reaching Cervera del Rincón, Pancrudo and Corbatón; at the same time that the Galician Army Corps attacked from Celadas in the direction of Alfambra and the 5th Division, took the front through Rubielos de la Cérida in the direction of Argente.

On February 6, the General Monastery cavalry carried out, departing from Argente  towards Perales de Alfambra, the last successful cavalry charge in contemporary history. Therepublican defenses, formed by brigades 61, 82, 151 and 59 were taken obtaining the definitive impulse to finalize the Battle of Teruel.

Serretilla-Mascarón Trenches

The Argente front was the main point of republican resistance opposed to the national positions of Rubielos de la Cérida and Bueña. They are distributed in a continuous front of more than 4 kilometers, with a minimum of 16 settlements in a West-East direction. Most of the tracks have disappeared due to siltation and the growth of vegetation. At the top of the Serretilla, where a repeater is currently located, several trench lines are concentrated with paths, sometimes greater than 200 meters and reinforced with powerful dry stone parapets. They are arranged in marked zigzags with marksman posts that point to the Francoist lines.