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Trincheras Portachuelo. Escorihuela

Trincheras Portachuelo



In addition to well-preserved vestiges with hundreds of meters of staircase trenches, El Portachuelo in Escorihuela offers spectacular views. We will find some walls made with the dry stone technique and up to 5 trench lines, organized in small positions on limestone plinths, which are found in the upper ones.

The defnse of the republican lines between Teruel and Escorihuela had been entrusted to the 28th Division. Among those positions was El Portachuelo,, a height that dominates the road that connects the Alfambra valley with the Sierra de El Pobo. The town of Escorihuela, place of concentration of some of the republican units that had taken part in the offensive on Teruel in December 1937, had become part of the fron line on the occasion of the taking of Alfambra by the rebel Army.

Although during the first days the offensive on the east had been developed in the direction of Aliaga-Jorcas, on the 25th there would be a significant advance of the 5th Division on the Muela de Camarillas, Aguilar de Alfambra and Ababuj. Two days later, the 85th Division would occupy Escorihuela and the Batiosa peak, in the extreme north of the Sierra de El Pobo, to continue advancing in the first days of May on the heights of Castelfrío in the middle of a heavy rainstorm. Bad weather would force the suspension of military operations for several days.

Access is from the TE-V-8002 road towards El Pobo. At 2 km, past Escorihuela, we will find a detour that through a path we will reach the Merendero de la Torrecilla. There, if we wish, we can leave the vehicles and we will start a 2 km walk to the first line of trenches. We can also access with the car and park in an area enabled as Parking. Ascending the slope for about 600 meters we will reach another line of trenches and several shelters.