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Trincheras Cabigordo. Corbalán

Cabigordo trenches


During the last days of the battle of Teruel the most relevant events of this place were experienced. Defended by the 67th Division (constituted on the land of Ciudad Real in August 1937), it was attacked by the Galician Army Corps with five divisions. OnFebruary 22, 1938, coinciding with the entry into the city of the first national troops, there was a new attack against Mount LaTorana. This ended up in a rout, not influencing the final result of the battle.

Trenches on the Cabigordo road

There is not much data on them, but could be part of the defensive line that would  be in charge of defending the positions that were at the highest level.

The access from Corbalán will be carried out by car, along the path of the Fuente Redonda recreational area that we will pass leaving it on the left, we will continue the route to a plain where there is a dog kennel, we will park and we will start the PR-TE34 trail called “Alto de Cabigordo ”. We will continue the path and on the left side we will find an indication that will take us to some rehabilitated trenches.