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Hoyalta Refuges. El Pobo

Refugios Hoyalta

El Pobo

Given the imposing heights of the area, a massive bombardment of the prominent areas of the Republican bank was decided, which also did not have sufficient infrastructure to withstand these attacks. Only the climatic conditions prevented the bombardment of Castelfrío, since the Pobo had been conquered a short time ago. The fighting in the area ended on May 11, after 9 days of massive bombardment with more than 5,000 cannon shots.

Hoyalta Refuges

In the area of Munt Hoyalta , we find a large number of constructions with the dry stone technique. Focused towardas the Alfambra Valley, we observe a trench line that ends in a completely collapsed concrete construction, and its plant can be appreciates. You can also see parapets directed towards Castelfrío and towards the foot of the mountain. On the opposite side, you can see remins that could serve as shelter and rest for the combatants in this fight.

Direction to the cemetery, we take the first path on the right; at the first crossroads also to the right, in the direction of a hunter’s hut, which we leave on the right. At the next junction we choose the right path again and at the last junction we turn left, continuing until we reach the summit, where we can easily park.