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Ladera La Corraliza. El Pobo

Ladera La Corraliza

El Pobo

One of the most picturesque spaces in El Pobo is undoubtedly Las Corralizas. It is an area full of small shelters built in dry stone and closed at the top with a rough approximation of courses. In several of them it is still possible to access the interior and, facing southeast, they sought the warmth of the sun and the protection of the mountain. It is a privileged place both for the shelters that are preserved and for the privileged views it offers.

With the advanced position of Castelfrío, as was the case with this entire sector up to the Sierra del Pobo, the 28th Division was the unit in charge of its defense, linking to its right with the 39th Division. This line, although it does not present a great fortress in its fortifications, was a privileged and necessary observatory that dominated the first line located on the same bank of the Alfambra river.

The 85th Division, deployed between Cuevas Labradas and Escorihuela, would be in charge of conquering these positions, although its progression would be very difficult due to the adverse weather conditions, coming to snow on May 5, 1938

On May 11, the 85th Division would advance on these positions, completing the occupation of the Castelfrío massif the following day.

The tenacious defense of these positions would earn the 28th Division the award of the Medal of Valor. However, this maneuver would be a great wear and tear on this republican unit, which would suffer heavy casualties.

Once this defensive line was captured, the Francoist Army would advance from the north towards Alcalá de la Selva and Mora de Rubielos, and from Teruel towards the Port of Escandón following the Valencia road.

To access the shelters of La Ladera de la Corraliza, we will take the TE-V-8001 road towards El Pobo. At Km 1.61 there is a construction in the shape of a cross called “Caseto de los Cuatro Vientos”, which we will leave on the right and access the Monte de Castelfrío path, as if we were going to the Fortifications of Castelfrío, easily identifiable by having some repeater antennas on its summit. We will find a first sign for Parking and a sign that tells us to go straight ahead, then it will turn off at the first path that we find on the left and going straight on, at a crossroads we will take the one on the left. As a reference, the antennas will always be on our left.