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Fortines. Torrelacárcel



Torrelacárcel was part of the Francoist defensive system that followed the course of the Jiloca river from Calamocha to Teruel, following the road that communicates with Zaragoza and facing the republican lines of Argente, Aguatón and Sierra Palomera. It was the main passage towards the republican zone. This important communication area was conveniently guarded and protected thanks to this set of fortifications.


The set consists of two shelters and two machine gun nests, built in concrete and arranged in a rack. Its conservation is excellent although part of the interiors is buried. This set of forts are classified as Assets of Cultural Interest.

We will access them from the Middle Street of the town, we will continue along it and we will deviate onto a path to the left, we turn lleft again and at the end of it we will find the