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Castelfrio fortifications. El Pobo

Fortificaciones Castelfrio

El Pobo

After the definitive grouping of Teruel and the Alfambra contest, the advance spread towards the Sierra, due to the offensive towards Valencia, where the Republican side had become strong with the so-called “Aliaga-Jorcas Line”.Given the imposing heights of the area, a massive bombardment of the prominent areas of the Republican bank was decided, which also did not have sufficient infrastructure to withstand these attacks. Only the climatic conditions prevented the bombardment of Castelfrío, since the Pobo had been conquered a short time ago. The fighting in the area ended on May 11, after 9 days of massive bombardment with more than 5,000 cannon shots.


Castelfrío Fortifications

This mountain witnessed the heavy fighting in the early stages of the Franco offesive against Valencia. The one in charge of defending these positions was the 28th Anarchist Division, occupying numerous intermediate heights that made it difficult for the Francoists to advance on the Cantavieja road.

The constructions are distributed throughout the skirt and top of the mountain, made, mostly in dry stone, we find parapets, cabins and shelters that take advantage of the projections of the mountain.

Of these, the bunker stands out, also built in dry stone, but consolidated with cement and closed by a concrete slab. Reinforcing this point a trench line is located to the north that protected the weaker flank.

Access is from the TE-V-8001 road towards El Pobo. At km 1.60 there is a cross-shaped construction called “Caseto de los Cuatro Vientos”, which we will leave on the right and access the Monte de Castelfrío path, easily identifiable by having repeater antennas on its top.