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Cerro del Piojo. Villarquemado

Cerro del Piojo


The Cerro del Piojo trenches represent the recovery of a small part of a large trench that measured kilometers and that came from Teruel and Celadas and headed towards the Jiloca valley. From there you can see a panoramic view of this entire valley.

The 151 Mixed Brigade, belonging to the 42 Republican Division, will be in charge of defending the positions that go from the Villarquemado mountain, with is 4th Battalion, to the passage of the Virgen del Castillo hermitage, in Sierra Palomera, in the which is located the 2nd Battalion.

In the sector covered by the 4th Battalion, a first line was established inCerro Montero and surrounding mountains, while another secondary line ran from Cerro del Piojo to the heights that dominate the place Called Las Carretas, establishing the Command Post in the surroundings of Patagallina.

In 151st Brigade had been formed in Madrid in June 1937 with forces belonging to the Cartagena Naval Base. After intervening in the Battle of Brunete, it was transferred at the end of July to the Teruel fron, remaining in reserve al Híjar- Albalate del Arzobispo during the Battle of Belchite. On February 5, 1938, the date which the offensive on the Alfambra unleashed, they left under the command of the Marine Infantry Commander José García Gamboa.

The advance of the Cavalry from Rubielos de la Cérida through the plains of Argente, Visiedo and Camañas, and its link in this last town with the forces of the 83 Division that had departed from Celadas occupying Patagallina and the heights located on the other side of the Santa Eulalia- Alfambra highway,they would encircle the units that were defending the positions in the mountains. Of all of them, the only ones that would resist for a few hours Successions were those that occupied Cerro Montero.

After the battle of Teruel, the 151st Brigade would occupy secondary defensive positions, dissolving in Barcelona at the end of the war.

 To get there toy have to go to the local cemetery and from there take the Carrasca road (which is paved). Once you reach the Medio Monte picnic area, there is a path to the left with the indications to get to the place, which can be accessed by car to the same trench.