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Cerro de la Mina. Camañas

Cerro de la Mina



Las trincheras situadas en este paraje tenían una longitud de aproximadamente 100 metros y rodeaban el cerro casi por completo, defendiéndolo así desde todas las caras. Actualmente se encuentran rehabilitados unos 20 metros de las mismas.

Contextualization of the conflict:

On 5 February 1938, a strong offensive by Franco’s forces began, with the 5th Navarre Division breaking through the Republican front in the Argente mountains.  The following day the 1st Cavalry Division arrived, with 3,000 horses and General Monasterio in command, and began to advance on Lidón and Visiedo on the left and on Argente and Camañas on the right. However, the resistance of the Republicans at Lidón led to a change of plans and finally the cavalry conquered Argente and Visiedo first and then Lidón and Camañas. The encirclement of Sierra Palomera was thus closed and the Republican units that were there were bagged. After taking this sector, they continued their march towards Perales del Alfambra. The Republican battalions retreated in disarray to the rear, leaving behind a large amount of war material, vehicles and artillery pieces, and 1,600 soldiers were taken prisoner.

Trenches were improvised in some places to try to hold back Franco’s forces, but without much success. The soldiers of the 59th Mixed Brigade were at Cerro de la Mina when it was occupied by the Tabor of the Mehal’ha de Gomara while the 83rd Division was heading towards Camañas, after having taken the heights of the Santa Eulalia to Alfambra road.

On 7 February, the Alfambra offensive ended with the conquest of a large territory that included fourteen villages that had belonged to the Republican side from the beginning of the conflict.

Access vestiges:

Access is from the TE-V- 1009 road (on the section that joins the village with the TE-V- 1008 road (Santa Eulalia – Alfambra). We leave the village and after 5km a signpost indicates that we must take a road to the left (there is also another exit a few metres further on). Follow the directional signs until you reach a parking area. From here we continue on foot for a few meters until we reach the trenches.