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Búnker Alto de la Torana. Corbalán

Bunker Alto de la Torana


During the last days of the battle of Teruel the most relevant events of this place were experienced. Defended by the 67th Division (constituted on the land of Ciudad Real in August 1937), it was attacked by the Galician Army Corps with five divisions. On February 22, 1938, coinciding with the entry into the city of the first national troops, there was a new attack against Mount La Torana. This ended up in a rout, not influencing the final result of the battle.

Alto de la Torana Bunker

This mountain was part of a republican line, with trenches at different levels, a casemate and shelters dug in the stone. One of them,the deepest, could house the command of the republican unit.

Access to the bunker must be done with cuation since the height is low. The interior height of the construction is also low.