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To visit the different points of importance, we present an augmented reality app related to the Vestiges of the Civil War. Augmented Reality is a powerful technological tool, ideal for contextualizing scenes or elements that would not share a common space and offers the user new and incredible immersive experiences that could not happen in real life.

Through the Atrinchérate App, you can discover the authentic life of the soldiers of the Teruel front, during the harsh winter of 1938, told by the representation of some of the combatants of the war. A look at the Spanish Civil War, which combines the past with the so-called Extended Realities, offering a new perspective, from respect and historical rigor.




When Teruel is named in the Civil War, the low temperatures that were reached in the winter of 1938 come to mind. However, it was one of the most active areas in terms of battles, combats and contests, in adition to its geographical, political, economic significance and even the international repercussion it achieved.

Already in 1936, it appears as a rebel, like a large part of the populations that surround it; This is attributed to the absence of military personnel from the republican faction and the high number of security forces related to the rebels.

The area remained at war until well into 1938, which adds up to almost two years of continuous wars, for this reason, a large amount of materials are preserved, of which the vestiges included in the “Entrench yourself” route can be highlighted.