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The Comarca Community of Teruel is based on its traditional diet, lamb and pork, cattle that are raised and pampered in these lands.

For starters, seasonal vegetables such as thistle, green beans, chard, or borage stand out. Soups also play a leading role, the best known being garlic soups. We cannot forget the stews and potage, which with their strong ingredients make them good dishes to withstand the cold winters.

Another of the dishes to highlight and usually they are unique dishes, are the porridge and migas. But where the foundation of Teruel cuisine is found is its meats.Especially in that of the pig, of which practically everything is used. The famous and delicious hams of Teruel, of denomination of origin and tasty sausages that confer very different flavours and aromas such as chorizos, longanizas, salchichones, güeñas, sausages, and the characteristic black puddings are obtained from the animal, and in this zone they also contain honey.

Thanks to the ham we can taste the exquisite Delicias de Teruel, which consists of slices of bread, smeared in tomato with olive oil, and a little garlic, accompanied with some slices of Teruel ham.

The preserves made after the slaughter, has a great role in the region. Loin, ribs and sausages are kept in clay jars, covered with crude olive oil. In the past it was very common among Teruel families, even killing two or three pigs, in order to ensure food throughout the year.

Another dish of the Teruel cuisine is lamb (cordero), popularly called in these lands, ternasco de Aragón

La caza y los animales de corral son carnes muy valoradas. De la caza, la perdiz, sobre todo en escabeche, la codorniz, el conejo y la liebre. En cuanto a los animales de corral, son el pollo, el pavo, los conejos, y los preciados huevos de gallina.

Hunting and farmyard animals are highly valued meats. From hunting, the partridge, especially pickled, the quail, the rabbit and the hare. As far free-range animals, they are chicken, turkey, rabbits, and precious chicken eggs. And almost unknown product outside of our region is the “scolding”. It is a village bread base, in which ham and sardine is put with red pepper, and then it is baked. Above all, it is typical to eat it for the capital festivities and at the heifers’ snacks, at the village festivals.

Among the fish, the trout caught in the rivers of the region stands out, which is fried with ham.

As a dessert to highlight, “lover’s sighs”, small tartlets stuffed with cheese; the typical candied fruits throughout Aragon, the Mudejar braid and the artisan pastries that can be found in bakeries throughout the region.

In our region there are three artisan cheeses that are currently being marketed: Cheese fron Santa Eulalia, in Santa Eulalia del Campo, Zariche cheeses in Celadas and el Hontanar cheeses in Aguilar de Alfambra.


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