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History on the Rock

History on the rock

The Rock is the main protagonist in this area, it has been used as a construction element and canvas in which to create artistic representations in different periods of history. Han in hand with our rocks we will know castles such as Peracente, the remains of the castle of Alba or that of the Ares, the El Peruano original sculpture and the Neolithic engravings and Muslim inscriptions like that of the Peña Escrita.  

In Almohaja you will be able to take the hiking route of the Cardoso Ravine, a beautiful route through the rodeno landscape, in it, we enter gorges carved into the rock by the water. It was asignpostedcircular path, in which we will find the remains of the Los Ares castle, the sculpture of El Peruano, Neolithic engravings and the Peña Escrita, where you will find Islamic inscriptions. Access to the Barranco Cardoso path is signposted from the town of Almohaja itself. You can also access all these places by car.

In the nearby town of Alba del Campo, you will have the opportunity to continue living as in the Middle Ages, visiting its castle built before the 14th century to protect the population and repel enemy attacks.

Visit the impressive Peracense Castle built in rodeno stone. Delve into its perfectly preserved interior, where you can discover its different rooms that will take you back to life in the Middle Ages. Access is signposted from the town of Peracense.

Fell the experience of becoming a medieval knight!

Accommodation in Santa Eulalia del Campo y Alba del Campo.

Restoration in Alba del Campo y Santa Eulalia del Campo.