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“Large Scale” owes its name to the large resources it has. Enter a world of giants, Galve’sDinosuar tracks, Camarillas architecture, The huge headland poplars of Aguilar de Alfambra, one of the largest sundials in Spain in Alfambra or the great sculptures of the Sacred Heart that crowns the hill of this town. Highlyrecommendedvisitsforchildren, theywillloveit.


Galve is the first municipality where paleontological remains were found in the kprovince of Teruel. In this village there are four sites of ichnites denomination that receive the fossilized dinosaur footprints in the rock, the paleontotogical museum, DinópolisLegendak sub-headquarters, whose protagonist is the Aragonaurus, and some life-size dinosaur reproductions, which you will access crossing the medieval bridge of Galve. You have the possibility of making these visits accompanied by a guide.

Near Galve you will discover Camarillas. Visit the medieval aqueduct, used to bring the waters to the municipality and the tower of the 16th century castle with its wall. Don’t forget El snowfield from the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, where they stored snow by processing it to obtain ice. This snowfield is located on the road that goes from Camarillas to Galve, to the left of it.

A few kilometers from Camarillas, is the municipality of Aguilar de Alfambra, where you can visit the narrow or clusé, a gap in the rock that forms a canyon declared an Enclave of Geological  Interest. The headland poplars, a variety of clack poplar, stand out from this environment. Its periodic pruning every 14 or 15 years cause a widening of the upper part of the trunk, hence its name “headboard”, as it is popularly called. The capricious forms that these worked trees come to take give rise to monumental, picturesque and beautiful specimens that turn these forests into authentic natural sculptural landscapes.

If what you like is hiking, take the Virgen del Campo route, which runs between Galve and Jorcas.

In Alfambra, you can visit the wonderful Gothic and Baroque paintings from the 15th and 17th centuries in the hermitage of Santa Ana and next to it, the curious Analematic clock, found in the same place. It is a sundial where we ourselves will mark the time. To know the time you must place yourself in the central part of the clock on the corresponding day and month. Once located, you will only have to raise your arm; the shadow cast by your silhouette will tell you the exact time, so in winter we must subtract one hour from the reading obtained. In it are represented the shields of the military orders that have passed through Alfambra throughout its history. To get here, take the TE-V-1008 road from Alfambra to Sta. Eulalia and about 7 km from the town you will find it signposted. It is necessary to contact the City Council to visit the interior of the hermitage. The contact telephone number is 978 77 00 25.

The hill of this town is crowned by a large sculpture dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We encourage you to climb to the top, which you can access on foot or by car. From up there toy can admire the views offered by the Alfambrariver plain and the Sierra de Castelfrío.

Accommodations in Galve, Aguilar de Alfambra, Villalba Alta, Camarillas, Orrios and Alfambra.

Restoration in: Alfambra, Perales del Alfambra and Galve.