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Between channels and Hiding places

Between channels and Hiding places

Do you want them not to find you?. Follow the river bed, get lost in the Rodeno shelters or hide in a camp of former guerrillas.

The Ebrón Straits route runs between El Cuervo and Tormón, following the course of the river. You can start it from any of them.This route has a length of 10.28km, and can be done in an estimates time of 3 hours and 15 minutes. It is suitable to do it with children in its first section.

In Tormón you will change the riverbed of the Ebrón for the paths that run between the Protected Landscape of the Pinares de Rodeno. This area of great environmental value is peculiar due to the reddich rock formations that made it up. Presiding over this landscape is the Casa Forestal de Tormón built in 1930, the result of a process of profound transformation of forest exploitation strategies. It has a picnic area with several tables and barbecues, where you can take the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries. You will find the detour to access it signposted 4.5 km from this village.

Take a lea pinto prehinstory in the surroundings of the forest house, and you will discover four shelters of cave paintings of Levantine art called: Ceja de Piezarrodilla, Tio Jorge, CabrasBlancas and Las Parideras. Varios animals are represented in the paintings.

Near  Tormón you will move to our most recent history: El Rodeno School Camp. In it, they lived until the end of 1947, a group of maquis of the AGLA (Guerrilla Group of Levante and Aragón). In this camp, which has explanatory panel, the staircase made of rodeno stone still remains and you can see the rocks blackened by the smoke of what was once the kitchen., To access the camp, go to the Ligros farmhouse, whose detour is signposted on the VF- TE road 12 km from Tormón

Restoration in: Villel, Tramacastiel, Riodeva, Tormón, Villastar and El Cuervo.

Accommodation at: El Cuervo, Tormón, Riodeva, Tramacastiel, Cubla, Libros and Villel.