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The Sound of the Silence

The sound of silence

We enter one of the most relaxing areas of the region. In it you will be able to disconnect from the busy of daily life and enter into ancient traditions. From the dance of Visiedo and the silence of the surrounding municipalities to the top of the Jiloca Valley in Sierra Palomera.


In Torremocha del Jiloca you can do the Trail through Sierra Palomera, recommended for any time of the year. It is a circular route, in which you ascend to the Pico Palomera, with a height of 1529 m, where you will never go alone, sinceyou will find more than one mountain goat. Once at the top, you will enjoy impressive views, Los llamos de Visiedo, El Valle del Jiloca, in the distance the Sierra de Albarracín, Javalambre and Gudár. Up there, there is an impressive geodesic vertex. This mountain range includes the municipalities of Torremocha, Torrelacárcel, Aguatçon, Argente and Camañas.

Immerse yourself in the folklore of the town of Visiedo by visiting the Dance of Visiedo museum. Through the interpretive panels you will be able to learn about its history, an established tradition where the patron saints of the municipality are asked not to stone the fields again after fourteen years of lost crops due to the weather.

In Argente, you can visit the Hermitage of Santa Quiteria, and in Camañas, the Hermitage of the Virgendel Consuelo, both of medieval architecture and great value, since their roofs are the only ones in the province that are decorated.

In this same área, we recommend that you visit some interesting remains of the Civil War, the bunker and the forts of Torrelacárcel and the refuge and trenches of Alfambra

Accommodation in: Pancrudo, Camañas, Aguatón, Argente, Alba del Campo and Santa Eulalia del Campo.

Restoration in: Camañas, Visiedo, Lidón, Torrelacárcel, Torremocha, Argente, Alba del Campo and Santa Eulalia del Campo