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Del Agua al Azufre

Del agua al azufre

Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Deva River discovering its Amanaderos and go back in time visiting Titania, a sub-headquarters of Dinopolis dedicated to the largest dinosaur in Europe. You will find all this in Riodeva. After this, go through the curious neighbourhood that arose around the Libros sulfur mine.


In Riodeva, the natural area of “Los amanaderos”, will reprise youwith its spectacular waterfalls. You can enjoy walking the path that starts from the town, whose round –trip distance is 12 km. If you do not want to do the complete route, you can choose to go up by car to the highest point of the route, where the Salto de Las Yeguas is located, from which you will make the way downwards. You have the complete information in Andatela, Amanaderos route.

In this municipality, you cannot leave without visiting “Titania”, one of the Dinópolis headquarters dedicated to Gigantism.  In it, one of the largest sauropods in the world and the largest in Europe is found.

The Turiasaurus Riodevensis!

Very close to Riodeva, on the road that connects this town with Libros, is located the Barrio de las Minas de Libros.

It is an old sulfur mineral exploitation, which ceased its activity in 1956. This miners excavated their houses and the hermitage in the rocks, which are still preserved. If you want to know more about their way of life, there are several cave-houses restored by Julián “El Francés”, a connoisseur of the life of the neighborhood, in its heyday .