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Your Own Way

The best plan, in “A tu aire”, “Your own way”, is the one that is not drawn up.

If you are that type of tourist, who likes to discover the surprising mysteries that await in small towns, you are in the right place. Combine the colours to create your ideal cocktail.

If, on the other hand, toy enjoy following a plan, you can choose one of our themes. These are organized into 1-day routes, which will be very comfortable for you to carry out. We set the stage for you, but the protagonist of the story is you.

Are you surprised?

Tour our incredible landscapes, travel through our history, enjoy culture and gastronomy. Feel free, do it “Your own way”

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˃ White and black

˃ The Sound of the Silence

˃ Big Scale

˃ History on the Rock

˃ Go with the flow

˃ The Path of the Cold

˃ Just One Step Away

˃ Between channels and Hiding places

˃ Del Agua al Azufre